Can we play spot the intruder?

I’m aware that one can voluntarily remove ones’ membership so I was wondering if we could play a game whereby after you delete your account and create anew, that we see how long it takes for others’ to get to know you again.

May god love you all!

I would never recommend removing ones own membership… Ouch :laughing:

Hi Split,

I think it is one of the more beautiful aspects of this forum, that interactions can be so regulated and why I will always swear my allegiance to the Steinberg cause since while the developers are obviously second to none, it’s the little things that matter most such as a clean environment in which to live, as well as undertaking harm minimization measures in order to combat piracy on the high seas of the internet.

P.S. Would be nice to have a chat portal, anyone?

This shit is fucking retarded. I wish there were more grownups here. :confused:

Great to see that the swearing filter is working, so those “grown up’s” don’t get out of hand :laughing:

News flash:

People of all ages and maturity levels curse. :mrgreen:

You may now climb down from the mobile hanging in your crib. :wink:

I suggest you go and play with yourself.

By by Brains