Can we PLEASE finally get a true, instantaneous "ABORT" for Export Audio Mixdown?

I don’t know how many times I ran into this issue during all those years: I start an offline bounce of a finished project, then suddenly realize that some details still need adjustments, I click “Abort” - but the export simply goes on … and on … and on … actually as long as it would have done without me trying to stop it.

… I have to admit that this has already caused several rage attacks, especially in case of long projects. Right now, for example. grrrrrr

Please PLEASE fix it.


I totally agree, so much time wasted. Sometimes it’s faster to go to task manager and stop the whole program than to wait. Pro tools does not suffer from this.

YES!! how has this never been fixed?

Drives me bananas. HOWEVER… My guess is that it is partly to do with plugins… I have never figured out exactly which, but I have noticed that it happens to some projects and others do not.

So, can we finally have a regular working “Stop da Export”- button? Please???
Just like Dietz and surely many more users I hate that wait for an useless, unwanted export process to end.
Servus, Big K

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+1. Noted this also. Very annoying(

Not Happening here with Waves Horizon bundle and UAD 1 32bit jBridged to 64bit, and of course using N11 plugins too. Abort is working fine.

You’re lucky! :slight_smile: You’re on Windows 10, I assume. What’s your audio hardware?

Older RME Hammerfall 52 Channel running on a PCIe To PCI Startech adaptor, i10900K Win10 latest version, over 300 tracks- MIDI, VST inst and Audio- on main Template.

Hmmmm … I’m using RME too, mostly - HDSPe MADI on my most recent system, for example. That’s an 18-core i9-10980XE CPU with 64 GB RAM. Not so different from yours, I’d say, and my plug-ins aren’t too exotic either. 8-/

What about the video card?

The video card is an old NVIVIA GTX760 2GB RAM, more than 8 years old.
I don’t think that is relevant. I am more inclined to observe how the whole system is setup. I did a lot of homework, like which motherboard to get, to the most important settings right on motherboard BiOS, motherboard drivers (some drivers had to be Windows and not the manufacturer’s) which slots SSDs and other peripherals plug into, all the way to Windows settings.
PIA, but worth it because I no longer think about it, the system is now quite fast, reliable and invisible to me, and I just work on projects.

One of the most important things in my opinion and experience, is how you install all drivers, updates and programs. If that is not done correctly, many things may not work as expected.
I went through many installation loops, in which sometimes it was better to use the manufacturer drivers, and sometimes I had to install the generic Windows drivers first. Nightmare of several weeks because I always assemble my own computers, but all has been well for a few months now.

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Thanks for your considerations.

The system I experience the behaviour described in my initial post is a brand-new, built-to-the-task machine from one of Central Europe’s leading DAW assemblers, so I doubt that this is part of the problem, though. :slight_smile:

… and if it really is, I’m still tempted to point at Nuendo as the culprit, because “aborting” a task should - well - abort it, even on the most humble machines.

I really can’t believe this is still an open issue! And how many years still to wait to have this function working…?! I use Cubase, and same issue since ever there!

Point taken, however:
If Nuendo aborts properly in some machines, and it does not abort properly in another system, then the variable is not Nuendo, it’s the system.

To use a troubleshooting analogy, if you use the same cable, and it works fine on a few machines, and it does not work on another machine, then do not blame the cable because the variable is the machine.

The cable-analogy is a bit shaky. :slight_smile: I should try to abort the bounce of a project that can be aborted flawlessly on your system. If it doesn’t, the issue is indeed system-dependent. If it does, one could take it from there and investigate further.

… OTOH, it’s actually Steinberg’s job to do this, considering the fact that the problem isn’t a rare, isolated case, judging from the answers to this thread.

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Shaky? I disagree because it is solid. You have two channels on a mixer, and two cables, and one channel does not work, the first thing you do to rule out a bad pre-amp is to switch cables. There are only two outcomes: either the channel now works with the other cable, or it continues malfunctioning. If it works with the new cable, you immediately rule out the pre-amp being the problem. Nothing shaky about this concept, and I use it since 1972, so, no lack of experience here.

So we are two old-timers, that’s for sure. ;-D

… thing is that we are looking for a solution for an obviously very real issue, no matter what the perfect analogy might be.

No issue here.

Please try this:
Start in safe mode, and try to abort an export.

You’re a lucky guy. For many others a “plain” Nuendo install is about as useful as a car without wheels.

+1 on this issue. Multiple purpose-built high end machines, various high end I/O (RME, Yamaha etc.)