Can we PLEASE finally get a true, instantaneous "ABORT" for Export Audio Mixdown?

Come on steinberg. Version 12 now and still abort never seems to work whilst exporting audio. It’s a right wind up!! Well, it stops the progress indicator at #% but export process continues to completion in background… It’s a real time waster.

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I would like to add my voice to the request. I recently used an Atmos project as a template. To do this, I had to change the duration of the project from two hours to 10 minutes in the project settings. Stupidly, I didn’t notice that the locators didn’t automatically adjust, but instead continued to span a 2 hour range.
When I went to render the project to an ADM file, I wondered why the file kept getting bigger and bigger. As a result, I wanted to stop it. Which, as we all know, didn’t work. Nuendo didn’t even stop when the hard disk space was exhausted! I mean, that can’t really be serious, can it?! :scream:

So my request: please change this behavior. (And while you are at it, please also the thing with the locators. These should not be allowed to cover a range larger than the set project duration.)

+1 would love to see this added/resolved finally

+1. Would be nice to have an actual kill switch within both Nuendo and Cubase.

It may not be easy, but I don’t believe that there isn’t a solution if one looked hard enough. Sometimes plugin APIs can be restrictive and some plugins are better implemented than others.

But anything is better than either wasting 2 hours or killing the process with task manager and possibly losing data. I can’t wait 2 hours, so ‘End Task’ is mandatory. And clearly that works, because I don’t have to reboot to get Nuendo back, I just to have to load it again.

So if Nuendo is unable to end a plugin, at a minimum it could offer a controlled shutdown, in the form of a dialog box asking the user if he/she wanted to exit Nuendo instead. And if confirmed, save the project and exit. Not as smooth as just an abort, but at least clean and safe.

Beyond that, there may be creative ways of handling poor plugin behavior, including sending it empty data cycles to keep it from blocking until it comes to the next checkpoint where it can be told to end processing.

The release notes for 12.40 have a line item that may finally fix that. Have yet to test it though.

OMG!!! I just tried aborting a bounce and it stopped it immediately! They actually fixed this. Thank you for listening Steinberg

That doesn’t work in cubase neither

… we don’t even have an abort button when exporting an ADM…

It needs to happen, for Render in Place, as well.

That would be because there is a proper dialog, during the bounce.

I have a temporary fix for this, which I use, when I can’t make abort - I unlock a mixdown file with some unlocker tool (IoBit Unlocker or similar) and bounce immidiately drops.