Can we please have this color scheme back?

I find every single Cubase 9 color scheme so depressing…

Look at that older cubase scheme in the video… it’s light without being you know, LIGHT, and it encourages happy creativity and positive vibes rather than darkness.

Please Steinberg… this adoption of all DAW’s of ridiculous dark gui’s is really getting to me. they are so depressing and hard on the eyes. Nothing will ever come close to pro tools GUI, that award i have to give it. can just look at it all day and all night, like i could with Logic 9.

Can you not get the colours shown in that video by using a Custom colour set?

If you want various easily clickable options to get different colour schemes then maybe this would collect some +1s in the suggestions forum (it may already be in there from someone else as others have bemoaned the greys).

Hi planarchist, please forgive me, I didn’t notice the suggestions forum before… Even though I have been a member for a while I really haven’t used Cubase properly since Sx3 in 2005, when i did my biggest project ever to this day, and then I went back to Logic on a Mac… and until 2 weeks ago i had barely even visited this forum. Again my apologies.

Now that I am learning Cubase all over again and loving it, my mind is all over the place LOL as i am literally trying to cram it all in, after spending 2.5 years becoming an expert at Pro tools.

I don’t mind using preferences but I am NOT seeing a way to alter the main background track colour to be anything near in that video. I will double check for the arrange backdrop as perhaps I missed that one and can at least make that lighter. If mods want to move this topic please do.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I tried to get something similar, but because the entire color features were changed in C9.5, there are great color limitations. Also, I have had problems recalling custom color sets, but I think that may be a known bug?

If anyone can get close to what the OP posted, please share.

The color tools in C9.5 are just the strangest tool of that kind I’ve ever seen in a program???
The main schemes are restricted to some weird band in the middle thingie??? What’s up with that?
But let’s say there is something that really made it better for someone to have it like this? What is it???
And how is it better than what you had before?
It was kind of weird already with the nonstandard numbered colors in an XML file
Would it be wrong to just use standard RGBA or hue saturation luminance
Are you telling users you don’t want them to poke around to get the program to work their way?

Bottom line if you ask me color handling in C9.5 is horrible at best!
So don’t ask me! :smiley:

I’m not exactly sure which colours in particular folk are after. I’m not claiming that the current system is good, as it’s clearly not, very strange indeed to have so many variations on grey. But it is possible to have a pale background…is this what was wanted or am I missing the point? The background is just about the only element that it IS easy to change, the problem seems to be some weird hierarchy of the colours so if you then change something higher up the hierarchy you lose all your changed. Background can be changed from Preferences/User Interface/Custom Colors/Project Area Background.

nobody seems to know, that you know can custom the whole Cubase Colors…

So there’s no darkness anymore,

Only problem, sometimes after fresh load of Cubase, the colors get lost…
SO beware to save you’re Preverence!!!

It used to work just fine …

Yes, colour schemes are not the brightest visually appealing either in Cubase, or in most DAWs. But that’s the point - they’re mostly for reduced visual fatigue when we’ve sat staring at them for hours on end. Bright contrasty colours become difficult to concentrate on after an hour or so. The alternative is for accessibility problems for visual impaired users. Still, it would be nice to have a veritable riot of colour from which to choose.

I’ve added a lot of more mellow colors and saved them as my default set. I also add colors to a project on the fly. When you create a new color is it named “new color,” but if you change the name to Color + #, then the PLE can use that to color selected tracks. (I’m working, still, in 9.0 so 9.5 may be a bit different). In the example screen shot the selected tracks are set to Color 18 (dark red).

P.S. – The Colors can be Named and then those Names can be used in the PLE to color selected – or other states – muted, soloed – tracks are in. Colors could be named for sections, strings, winds, keys, vocals, or color names can be used. Amber, Black, etc.

nope, dark colours are more fatiguing and cause eye strain… I think because they “look cool:” is the reason why they are there… I have no issues with Cubase’s visuals aesthetic wise, i find it hard on my eyes long term.

The only DAWS i could work in non stop for days without issue were Logic 9 and PT.

FWIW i have created the best colour scheme I could come up with for me in Cubase, here is a pic. If anyone wants the settings let me know. It’s very blue and much lighter than most.

Darker color schemes are less fatiguing in the long term, specially in your typical studio environment which is usually a dark-ish room, not a bright office with lights everywhere. That’s why almost every modern DAW switched to darker colors despite protests from a vocal minority.

The Cubase interface actually hurting your eyes isn’t normal. I recommend experimenting with your monitor’s settings and/or moving your desk if possible. Google probably has some tips on this. The angle of your monitor can also make the interface appear much darker than it really is.

I have lights in my studio, maybe that’s it. As well as natural sunshine from a window