Can we render/bounce a midi track to audio?

Is there any option for rendering/bouncing a recorded midi track to an audio file? My bounce midi option is greyed out so if anybody is aware of the option let me know

You must select the MIDI track or the MIDI events first.

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Yes, I have tried selecting it but the option was still greyed out. Any other steps which I might have missed out?

Hello, are you trying to using render in place or something else?

Here is a guide

Thank you for this. This is useful.

Are you aware of what this bounce midi option is used for?

Yes, that is not for midi to audio, but to combine midi. That is what the manual says:

Bounce MIDI

With this function, you can combine MIDI parts on several lanes to a single MIDI part. This can be used to reassemble a drum part that you dissolved onto several lanes for editing, see above. Simply select the MIDI parts on the different lanes that you want to combine and select “Bounce MIDI” on the MIDI menu.

During the bounce process, any muted parts will be removed. If transpose and velocity values were specified for the parts, these are taken into account as well.

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Thank you @Knopf