Can we talk about basic functions that are AWOL from the new MIDI remote editor? (C12)

In Cubase 11 I had multiple buttons on my controller assigned to open up plugin windows for inserts on my Stereo Out track (with the Generic Remote editor), that way every time I want to open a frequency analyzer or to tweak my mastering chain I don’t have to scroll all the way to the Stereo Out track and go find the insert in the Inspector, I can just hit one button to open the plugin window I need which saved so much time. Looks like I can’t do this in Cubase 12 with the new MIDI remote editor? Not sure why that is, I would think this was a commonly used feature.

You can still use your Generic Remote settings.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m doing for now. Unfortunately, in the generic remote editor there is now a note saying it is a legacy function that is going to be discontinued. Idk when that will be but if Steinberg doesn’t finish the new remote editor before phasing out the old one that would be a huge mistake and really unfortunate.

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Absolutely !
So far, I don’t like the Midi Remote at all. I have to use Generic Remote, because I can’t see any way I can use my remote to control a plugin in an Insert slot on a selected channel. To clarify:
I have a BCR 2000 that I use to control an SSL channel which is in every insert slot #3. That way I can use the same knobs and buttons for every channel. With the new midi remote you can program it for one specific channel only. Unless I am missing something, of course.
Also, I use a Tascam US-2400 (brilliant piece of kit), but the EQ and Send funtions either don’t work any more or are all over the place.
I have to keep using Cubase 11. What a shame.

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The new MIDI Remote API is fantastic, but not yet on feature parity with the Generic Remote.

So for anyone who has has something nicely set up with the Generic Remote, I’d recommend just sticking with that.

Only if you’re a serious remote control enthusiast who is into early adoption (like me), then learning the new MIDI Remote API is currently more about getting used to the different brain twisting to be done with JavaScript compared to XML :nerd_face:

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I use the US-2400 too, and I agree… it’s fantastic! I’ve found the EQ and Sends are still working perfectly in Cubase 12, though - the three Mackie control devices were all set up and ready when I upgraded, I didn’t need to change that part at all.

The MIDI Remote is certainly lacking a few big functions so far, though.

Saw you on Jef’s vid. Good job!

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Thanks for your comment. That’s odd, because the three mackie controllers were taken from C11 here as well. Only the EQ is controlling very different paramaters and the Sends control something different entirely. When I get back home I will have another look into it and if I do get it to work properly, I can use C12 albeit withe the Generic Remote.
I haven’t tried Touch OSC yet, but I suppose it would be best to keep that as a Generic Remote as well.

I hope you manage to track down the problem. Have you made sure the Mackie Control dialogue, which I think is in the Studio menu…? is still set to Compatibility Mode? The symptoms you describe sound similar to what happens when this is set to Cubase Mode.

Edit - Just checked, it’s Studio > More Options > Mackie Control

Thanks Ian. Yes, when I came home late last night I did just that, because I suddenly remembered it should be in compatibility mode. It’s been a long time since I started working with the US-2400, so I forgot about that. Don’t know why it changed to Cubase mode, but there you have it.
Now everything is working again, albeit with Generic Remotes for the CHAN mode, not the new Midi Remote thingy. That will not let you work on the selected channel. Same goes for my BCR 2000, obviously. Hope they fix that.
Thanks very much for your concern, Ian.

Brilliant. Glad you sorted it. I’ve got my Chan mode as a hybrid… Eight of them on a Generic Remote and the other sixteen on Midi Remote. One really nice thing with the new Midi Remote is that it’s made it really easy to use the US-2400 joystick. No need to open up the creaky old Generic Remote interface whenever you want to assign it now.

I just wish all control surfaces were as flexible as the US-2400. If it had been commercially viable for Tascam to continue on that path, I reckon the latest incarnation would be unbeatable (and far too expensive! :slightly_smiling_face: ).

Great ! Now if I can only think of something to use the joystick for :slight_smile:
I use the Channel Mode to control a Channel Strip plug, which is on every channel (if I don’t need it, I switch it off) in the same slot. That way it works on every which channel that has the focus. Don’t seem to be able tot do that with the new Remote. Yet.

Yes. Steinberg already confirmed that this is just the beginning of the new MIDI Remote feature…