Can we verify all kits installed?

greetings all
does anyone know if theres a way to check or validate that all the kits are installed in GA5, I just installed it, but as I’m looking at the kits for the most part it seems like they are the same kits I had from GA4, the Kit itself looks new, but I’m just not sure I have all the content installed, the install seemed to be ok, is there a doc like they did with GA4 that shows what all the kits should be?, or any other reference I can check against? thanks

Yes. Open a Beat Agent window in GA5, the area that occupies most of the GA5 GUI. As you hover underneath the image of the Beat Agent icon, a dropdown will appear. Click on this and in the upper left hand section the list of names of all the content installed will show up. This same thing with happen when you click on the dropdown in the ‘Kit1’ line just below the name GROOVE AGENT 5. After this window appears click on the orange drop down menu at the top of this GUI that says ‘All Instrument Sets’. Now you will see the picture icons that show up in your Steinberg Library.

hi mr roos, thanks for the reply, I am aware of how to browse kits in this manner, but what I’m not sure of is, of the 15 or so sets I’m seeing there, how to be sure there is not a 16 or 17 that didnt get loaded, is there documentation somewhere that shows the master list of instrument sets and kits included with GA5? thanks in advance

Hm. Well, the Steinberg Library is King here, right? If it’s not in the Library it’s not going to show up in GA5 - and - if you can see the same GA icons in GA then they are there.

As to the thought that the download of GA5 missed a set or two? I have to assume here that Steinberg is doing their job and delivering their product in it’s entirety. You would have to seek their help with this. All the best Andy.

thanks mr roos, (again), just as a side note, where i fell into doubt, was during the installation, i got an error in the Library (this little icon showed up in the upper rt) saying something was not right, after a few more attempts everything seemed to resolve itself but the content folder (being approximately 30 gigs) I expected to be overwhelmed by new content, then looking at the list of kits it seemed like everything was still my old GA kits, with a few exceptions, (mind you I’m still exploring) so then I’m thinking, with that install error and the lack of a large number of noticeable new content,

(continued) something must have gone wrong, which led me to wanting to verify if indeed everything is there that should be. More than likely i will find as i proceed that everything is there and i just havent discovered it all yet, anyway thanks for the input…

I believe I am right in saying that the only additions to the content in Groove Agent 5 are The Kit (Acoustic Agent sounds and styles) and Raw Power (Beat Agent sounds and patterns). The Kit is huge and accounts for most of the growth in the size of the content bundle. This is certainly how I understand Steinberg’s “New in 5” page.

There might be improvements or bug fixes in some of the Groove Agent 4 content bundle, but I haven’t made a detailed comparison of the files supplied with both versions of Groove Agent.

yes david, thats what i see as well, when I look at whats different, its the Raw Power and the Kit, out of the 30 gig content folder, that is some 20 gigs of it, as i can see, and that was part of my confusion because the other 7 gigs or so was the original GA content that I already had, thus I was getting some errors on duplicated files. One thing that helps and Mr Roos got me thinking it, taking a minute to better understand the library manager and how it works is an asset, especially understanding how it uses default install folders…

Two things to add here. First up, the Library folders can be moved out of the C drive and I think it best that you do this, keep the C drive for programs only if you can. The kit and beat files load time remains the same, too. I’m saying, if you haven’t done this already, the entire Cubase ‘VST Sounds’ file can be moved off the C drive. I install my added GA5 Kits here, in this same file of course - ‘VST Sounds’ - which is where Steinberg installs the original kits, as well, along with Halion sound banks and the various synth sound files. All that you have to do is DIRECT THE LIBRARY TO THE NEW LOCATION, and this is easily done, (see Library ‘Settings’, upper right hand corner of the Library app).

OK, second thing. Like you, I questioned where all this 30G of information is accessed in GA5. What I found is that you can access it in a second layer of GA5. Here’s how:

Load a Kit in GA5. Next click on PATTERN. Looking now under the Kit, you see the orange colored AGENT button and the field below it showing the circular STYLE controller (with Complexity off to it’s right). Next to the Agent button, you’ll see the grayed out OVERVIEW button. Click on it. Now you’ll see a drop down of 16 items that mimic the GA5 keypad for the kit you’ve loaded. Click on say the orange MAIN 5 of the pads, light it up. Now see the orange surround move in the overview dropdown display to follow the pad choice. OK, move you mouse to this new window (under the drum kit) and move the mouse to the far right side of it. Click in this area. You will see a drop down icon appear, click on it. Now you will see all the beats that are stored in your library. You can choose any one of these, Blues, Reggae, Songwriter, etc., and - although the beats may not match your original Kit style, you can click on it and it will be incorporated into your original kit, all in sync with your potential drum program, and now all controlled by the 16 pads.

Now, if you knew that GA could do this, then this probably was a boring read. But, if you didn’t know the program could do this, then I think it could explain where all the Gigs of sound files can be accessed and also explain how to use it creatively. All the best.