Can we view Group Channels in the Arrange?

Hi folks,

Can we view Group Channels in the Arrange? Seems odd that I can’t seem to do this. Am I missing something obvious?

I’ve been using Logic a lot lately and I know you just right-click on a channel in the mixer and you can select to view in the Arrange - it would surprise me if Cubase didn’t let you do it too.

Apologies if this has come up before. I searched the forum and didn’t see anything that seemed to match.


In Cubase you can not even see the arrange…
But if you´re talking about the track list in the project window - yes, you can see group channels there. Hard to explain, since usually you simply need to use your eyes…

Apparently I had put myself in an unusual situation: I had moved the Group Folder to within a different folder. It hadn’t occurred to me that new Groups would pop up there automatically instead of the top level of the Project Window (Arrange… whatever). Can’t see the benefit of that but I guess it’s a Cubase convention.

Either way: lesson learned.