Can you apply midi modifiers to only selected midi events?

I am learning about the Midi Modifiers section on my midi track inspector and like the results I am getting but I wanted to know if it is possible to apply this modifications to only a part of a track instead of to all events on the midi track. Let’s say I record some new events into the same midi part and then quantize this new performance. I would like to now apply some midi modifiers to only these new events because the rest of the performance has already been tweaked the way I like and I chose “Freeze midi modifiers”. How can I do this?

It depends on what you want to do.
The Modifiers are working only on the entire track, not on single parts or note events.

Some of the functionality can be done in the Key Editor by other means. Some can’t be done at all, like the randomization or length compression.

If you let us know if there is a specific function you are looking for we might be able to help.

Thank you. I would like to do two things

  1. Vary the velocity of the notes
  2. Vary the start position of the notes
  1. Select notes in the Key Editor.
    Go to menu MIDI → Functions → Velocity…

  2. Select notes in the Key Editor
    In the editor’s left zone unfold the section “Quantize”
    Change the value for “Rough Quantize”, press Q to quantize.

For modifying velocities in the editor there is also a graphical way of doing that. The function is so powerful that it has its own name and paragraph in the manual.

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