Can you automate pitch bend with midi now?

I am thinking about upgrading and was wondering if it’s possible to automate midi pitch in the main window now without a transformer workaround?


No, this is not possible.

You can download Cubase 10 Trial.

How are you supposed to do high resolution pitch bends then? Midi CCs are not of a broad enough range.


In the MIDI Editors the PitchBend is in range 16384 range.

This has always been possible in Cubase. You have to select pitch bend where you see volume like in the picture I’ve attached.
Click where you see volume> click on more> select or search for pitch bend in the list.
You can actually automate any synth parameter.


Not so easy. This is possible only if the Instrument offer you PitchBend as an Automation parameter.

But for example if you create a MIDI track (the PitchBend is not available).