Can you Change Defaults?

Is there any way to change what the plugin loads at default? Is this something difficult (from a programming perspective) to do?

For example…every time I Load Reverence…I have to hear that big awful boomy reverb preset. Plus the EQ is greyed out. So you have to enable it EVERY TIME YOU LOAD IT! Ugh.


Program Tree/Load To New Layer Window: Broken. Or maybe just not very smart. If you stretch it out so you can see more layers…then close it…and reopen it…Not ONLY does it forget WHERE you were but it SHRINKS BACK TO A TINY WINDOW! Oh it’s killing me. Like hard core. Can we get this fixed? If you do I promise I will upgrade to 7!!! :innocent:

Amadeus e.d.p.

Yes you can.

  1. Create your ideal ‘starting’ setup. I.E. When I’m working with Scoring packages, I often like to start out with something simple and basic. A General MIDI Template that has a nice ‘film scoring’ style reverb on Aux1, and a basic Chorus on Aux3. I extend it out so all 4 ports get a 16 channel GM template going (kinda like having 4 separate instances of Sonic in General MIDI mode in the beginning). As my project develops, I can easily replace instruments in the Program Tree and tweak them out for the score at hand, and the relevant Program Changes still work.

  2. Save it as a multi program if you haven’t already. That’ll come in handy since you’re likely to want different setups for different types of music or workflow scenarios. While most hosts will keep an image of the plugin state when you save a project in them, it never hurts to have a backup as a multi-program…so make one every once in a while if you’re deep into a project and ever want that stuff back (future projects, or if the current one gets corrupted somehow)!

  3. Set it as the default (gets loaded on startup) by right clicking here:

You can also save/load screen sets, and set one to be the default by clicking here.

Also notice the options tab, if for some reason you want to get rid of the newer ‘home’ screen.

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