Can you change the visibility of an extra staff for single bars?

I have added my extra staff at the start of the flow, so it only has one signpost (+ 1 Staff) at the start. Is it possible to have “holes” in the staff, e. g. if there are 5 bars in a system, but only the last bar contains notes in the extra staff, could I make the first 4 bars disappear?

Yes: move the Signpost!

Dorico is remarkably flexible…!

Just be aware of this option, that determines whether Dorico pads out extra staves to the beginning and end of systems, where they would otherwise only appear for some of that system and have empty space for the rest.

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If only this would work for guitar TAB staves… Sigh…
Hope remains.


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Yes, that is what I thought, but I only have one signpost at the beginning, where I need the extra staff. Is it possible to insert new signposts?

right-click>staff>add staff above (or below)

I meant, is it possible to insert new signposts into an already existing staff that contains music. In my future projexts, I will handle it like above suggested, and lay out the breaks in the extra staves before inputting the notes, but right now I have a fully worked out score and was wondering if I could put in breaks without having to redo all the formatting.

Yes. Select something at the position you want to add/remove staff as needed.
Experiment. Open a blank Piano Score, select rests at random and add/remove staff at random. Also see what happens if you remove a staff that contains notes (the notes are not lost!) and how you can move the signposts using alt-left/right to change the size of the hidden zone.

You will soon see how it works.

Or watch this video:

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I tried that, selecting exactly those full bar rests that i want to hide, but it always deletes the entire staff…

I’m not sure I fully understand your problem. But, when you select something and choose remove staff, it removes the staff to the end of the flow. Now, if you want that staff to reappear, you must select something on the staff below and use add staff above. The staff (with all its music) will be restored (to the end of the flow).

Going back to your original post, you should now understand why @benwiggy’s answer works. Select your initial +staff signpost and move it (alt-right) until you reach the last bar of the system. As you do so the staff to the left will progressively disappear.