Can you control multiple volume faders independently with midi controller?

In Fl Studio I used to map each volume fader in the mixer to a knob on my midi controller to dynamically mix while listening.

Is there a way to do this in cubase? I’ve seen how you can map a track or vst to your midi controller (setting up the generic controller), but I can’t figure out how I can move multiple faders from different tracks in the mix console at once without using my mouse and clicking around. It seems like you need to have a track selected to have access to its volume fader. Is there a way to move multiple volume faders from different tracks with your midi controller while recording?

Hi and welcome,

Generic Remote Device from the Studio > Studio Setup is the way to assign the MIDI Message (from your HW) to the MixConsole in Cubase.

Just as Martin says.

The issue you will find is that the assignment is static, so if you change the mixer the changes will not be reflected in your controller. One of the many conceptual design flaws in the “bastard feature” generic remote (quote of a steinberg representant some years ago in the forum).


The assignment is actually to the fader slot. So you don’t assign to the specific track. If you move the track, or add any track above the one, you wouldn’t control the original track again. You would control the same fader slot.