Can you copy frames (like front matter) between parts?

I have a full score with a title page, performance notes etc. Is there a simple way to copy this front matter over to the empty pages I’ve created at the beginning of my parts? I saw in some posts from a few years ago that copying frames support was limited, but perhaps I’m missing a trick here. I’d love to avoid having to either A) re-create all of the front matter for each part individually, or B) create a generic front matter pdf that I then prepend to my exported part pdfs (seems cumbersome). Thanks for any help!

Hi @ihcob – the way to do this in Dorico is to create your title pages etc as custom page templates, which you can then re-use in any layout by applying the relevant page template to the required pages.

If you create the page template in the full score page template set, say, you can import it into the part page template set to use it in parts as well.