Can you copy just the selected audio part?

Hello everyone,

is it possibe to copy just the selected area in an audio event without copying the whole event?
To be more conrete I have the following issue; I select and copy a certain area in an audio event (pic 1), paste the area into a second audio track (pic 2) but than if I open up the editor I still see the entire original event in its full length instead of just the part that I’ve copied (pic 3). To me this is sometimes pretty annoying especially when working with audio warp.
Is there a way to just get the area that I’ve copied?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Go to the audio menu then Bounce Selection will do it for you :slight_smile: I have a key command to do this quickly.

@brycem worked nicely. Thanks a lot man !

While doing a bounce is perfectly fine, remember that the audio track is only referencing the original file.

Sometimes that’s a problem and is confusing to deal with. On the other hand, having the full file there is sometimes helpful if, for example, you want to change the entrance points of other parts. This drove me a bit nuts when I was first starting with Cubase Pro 8, but now while I mostly bounce selection or bounce a range. Other times I’m glad I kept the whole file for later adjusting.

Cubase is very strong in this part of the program and offers many ways to do things.