Can you delete unused media?

I’ve just finished cleaning a project I was working on. After removing 7 tracks I did not use, the size of the project remained the same. Where are those unused files hiding, and how can I remove them?

I recogn, in order for the app to perform an “undo” it has to keep the files in the background,

That’s correct for any software/app in the world, yet you can always get rid of unused media, and I didn’t find this option in Cubasis

I feel there’s still some work to be done by the Cubasis team regarding ‘Project Cleanup’.
Currently clearing the undo history does NOT delete the backup audio files used for the undo function. Don’t know if the next update fixes this, I sure hope so…

At least on iOS it’s possible to manually (after clearing undo history) delete the audio files in the backup folders inside the project folder using as they are no longe referenced by the project.

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