Can you export midi files from cubasis?

Reading over the features for Cubasis 2, it was not clear to me if you could export midi files. Or if you were to convert the Cubasis project to a cubase project, would it bring the midi files with it? The description says it will transfer all of the audio files over but doesn’t speak to the midi files.

I want to use Cubasis as a tool to create musical ideas (drum patterns, harmonies, melodies, etc) and then bring them into Cubase where I can change the sound source and mix the content. Is this something that can be easily done between Cubasis and Cubase?

Hi chitownrolla,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis projects can be opened with supported Cubase versions and include audio and Midi files.
Depending what instruments and effects you use in Cubasis, similar presets or effects will be loaded in Cubase as well.

Additionally, Cubasis allows to import and export MIDI files as well, which only contain MIDI date as the name implies.

John Walden described the Cubasis Importer process on his MusicAppBlog a while ago.
Please have a look here, it might contain helpful information:

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