"Can You Hear Me Now?" - The Stragglers REBUILT!

Continuing with the 2012 “makeovers” -

Can You Hear Me Now?

What say ye?

Update 16/3/2012: REBUILT Again! :smiling_imp:

a good song ian, I liked it. the mix seemed smoother than some which really worked with this style. through the song at the end of sections you sang the lowest note there, hmm, I liked at the end better when you put a higher harmony with it, it would be good to do that during the song also…maybe, no?

Hi Ian

Indeed this is a good song. I remember hearing this before but don’t remember the arrangement. While listening I was wondering is this a remix or has all or some of it been newly recorded?

A couple of points.

The acoustic solo, sound wise, is not great sounding to me. At 2:25 is there a clash/wrong note in the piano?

From a personal point of view I found the acoustic guitar a bit over busy and distracting.


Sounds well balanced to me. Agree with both Dave’s and Bob’s comments. But overall, very nicely done.

Thanks for the feedback guys. :slight_smile: Now, forget everything you just heard and just said. I’ve just uploaded a fresh new version. :smiling_imp:

I’ve re done the acoustics, messed with the arrangement some, added orchestration and changed a few sounds here and there. Maybe this works better…? I dunno. :confused:

It was a mix of old and new…and its more a mix of new and old now :smiley: Original elements include the vocal and bass, pretty much everything else has been either rerecorded or ‘modified’ in some way.

Yes! :slight_smile:

And hopefully nicely redone…again :laughing:

Oh, and anyone doubting that Bandcamp streams are crap… have a GOOD listen. :astonished: I’ll get it up on Soundclick later…

Just uploaded the same 16bit WAV to Soundcloud:

Compare! :open_mouth:

Nice song, good work.

Hi Ian

I think this build is much better. I still feel the acoustic could sound better.

I listened to both streams yesterday and TBH I couldn’t hear much difference between the two at the time. I wonder do the streams from some of these sites vary the quality at certain times of the day due to server load. :confused: I have to say that recently I’ve not heard any very bad streams from Bandcamp even though I have been critical of them in the past. The reason I’ve gone to putting my own tunes on my own web space for mix evaluation purposes is to ensure I have control over the quality. There is not much point in getting people to make mix comments on a poor quality stream.


Well THAT’s interesting! :open_mouth: I just played back the Bandcamp stream again, and it’s REALLY quite bad here. Theirs an obvious ‘warble’ on the acoustics that sounds quite pronounced at the start of the song. So, I wonder…

:question: :bulb: I’m just wondering if you’re in fact hearing the Bandcamp ‘warble’ I mentioned? :neutral_face:

Edit: Actually, you’re right… today Soundcloud sounds pretty much the same i.e ICK!, BUT oddly, previous tunes I’d uploaded there sound fine :confused:

The acoustic solo sound might well be due to streaming artifacts. It’s not really a warble. I suppose the easiest way to describe it is a bit fuzzy.

Listening just now at Bandcamp and the stream is… well… not great :unamused: