Can you include silence in "Bounce Selection"?

I’ve edited a section of bass events and I want to bounce them down into a single event so it can be copy/pasted. Problem is, there is a very little bit of silence at the end of the section that prevents the part from meeting up snugly with the next barline on the grid.

When choosing “Bounce Selection,” the individual events are collapsed into a single event between the locators as desired, but it does not include the extra bit at the end as silence. This makes it a bit of a pain to duplicate via the usual methods.

“Render in Place” is another option. This DOES interpret the space at the end as silence - which is great - but it also processes post-fader, which is killing my mix headroom in this case.

It seems I run into this issue pretty frequently. Is there something I’m missing here?


You can make an empty event at the end of the section.

Is really, the “As Separate Events” the best Mode for your use case? Wouldn’t “As One Event” Mode fit better?

You can use the function “Events to Part”.

This will put all the selected events into a single audio part. Then you can extend the audio part to where you want the bounce to end. Then select the audio part and use Bounce Selection.


You get the same, if you use the Glue tool.

Good idea, btw.

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, empty events are not included in the “Bounce Selection” funciton.

That last sentence was the missing part of the puzzle for me. I didn’t think of gluing the empty audio event to the previous event then bouncing the whole thing. Thank you!

You can do render in place without any processing, just select dry channel setting.