Can you make the playhead follow the cursor everywhere?

I know you can click on empty space and have the playhead go there.

But I’d love a function where the playhead follows the cursor wherever I click. Like when you have the pencil tool enabled (only when you have that enabled, clicking will create a clip).

Is there anything like that possible? Maybe a key modifier I haven’t found?


I don’t understand how what you are describing is different from the current behavior.

Are you asking the Pencil Tool not to create a clip & instead move the Playhead?

Alt + Shift + Click

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This is an option in Preferences → Transport → Locate when Clicked in Empty Space.

Having the Cursor follow the mouse pointer is indeed achieved by holding Alt+Shift.
Snap is taken into account so if you want the Cursor to move freely you need to disable it.

Adding stuff in the Project window is achieved by holding Alt when you have the Object Selection tool, you don’t have to choose the Draw tool.

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Thanks for your replies. Yes, raino, that’s what I wanted. The difference is that it only works on empty space and not anywhere on a part.

But thank you Louis_R! Alt+Shift does it!

I appreciate it.

Yeah you can do that by setting up start mode in transport option

Also i combined selection tools