Can you recommend a tablet USB-C MIDI controller and headphone adapter?

Hi, using Cubasis on Android, I have a USB-A MIDI controller and use a USB-C adapter that works fine for using my MIDI controller for inputing data to my USB-C tablet.

As with many tablets nowadays, there is not a headphones output. I have a headphones and USB-C adapter where the headphones works fine, but the USB controller (CME Xkey) now does not work. It appears that most USB-C and headphone adapter’s only charges the USB .

Is there a USB-C to USB-C MIDI controller input and a headphone out adapter?

Thank you, B

Sounds like you’re on a tab S7/8

I dont know about a midi controller but there are Usb-C to Jack cables for sure
Samsung has them (im on a S7) and there are usb c splitters (its a cable with 2 usb c sockets going to a usb c plug) so you can do multiple usb c tasks…

Thank you CJ for coming back to me and yes I have an S7. The great term you used was splitter. Do you have the splitter mentioned and what is the part number (I cannot find it on the Samsung website)?

I looked for a USB-C male to 2 (dual) USB-C female connectors. The one I found provides bi-directional data and charge on both USB-C ports, but do not support audio. My guess is that the chipset in the splitter does not support D/A.

Thanks again, BC

Maybe this one?

From Samsung i only got an usb-c to female jack… got from the store… dont know type or serial
Its on mass display, i recogn you can buy them at any samsung dealer.

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Thank you again and I will check it out. Most, if not all of the adapters I see do not support data transfer.

Here is a good example…

I guess this one is it…

Audio,data and charging

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Hi CJ, you are the man! I have ordered it and will get it next week. Then I will let you know (and the Cubasis forum) what the results are.

The keywords that you used were data sync… Thank you again for all your help.

Catch up next week, until then; enjoy they weekend,

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Hi CJ, unfortunately that splitter did not work with my xKeys MIDI keyboard nor with my headphone to USB-C adapter.

Funny thing is; when I went to the Cubilux website, the product does not exist.

I am going to continue digging. Until then thank you again for your help.


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Aww thats a shame, if i run into something i’ll let u know…

Thank you CJ, I will keep this topic unsolved. Cheers, BC