Can you recommend me a good ASIO card?

I’m building a new setup and my EMU 1616m has had too many driver problems in the past. I want to purchase a new ASIO card that will let me run a lot of samples without cracking or poping at low latency (real-time playback).

Can someone recommend me a good ASIO sound card that is sub $500? Hoping to spend about 200-300, but 500 is my max. Thanks!

CPU: i7-3930K
Ram: 32GB
MB: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Cubase on Intel 520 SSD
Samples on 3TB Black Hard Drive.


I am at the same point. Want to upgrade
I am thinking about to upgrade my system with the RME HDSP 9632 for 333€ plus 59€ for a breakoutcable.
But till now haven’t found anyone who could give some feedback because he uses this card. The testreview of costumer are more than satisfying-

Greetz Bassbase

I’ve been using RME (of various descriptions) for years. They are very good quality cards, sound good and have possibly the best and most stable drivers in the business.


With RME you can’t be wrong !


Their A/D/A conversion is good, not stellar, but good, they have had some problems with returning right latency figures back to ASIO host, but their drivers are just The Best you can find. And that’s the most important thing, when you’re after a troubleless DAW.