Can you reduce the signpost size

Just wondering if there is any way that you can reduce the signpost size independent of the size of the staff?

If not, is this something that could be implemented at some point? If you use lots of custom technique text for triggering samples via an expression map and then hide them, it can become a little cluttered with signposts. This would be alleviated if they could be scaled down.

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They can’t be scaled down (currently), but you can hide them from the View menu.

I created a shortcut I use quite often — signposts can really be VERY helpful, but also get often in the way. I chose Cmd-alt-shift-H, as in “Hide-all-that-useful-stuff!” But you might as well choose anything else, or program a button (on a Stream Deck or other device) or a MIDI note !

Here’s a vote smaller signposts…wow they are so big…it covers the whole staff often…

Is still true today we can’t resize them? I couldn’t find a way but I’ve seen some other user posts on this forum with smaller sign posts… ??

No. The pictures just had bigger staves, or the pic was was probably zoomed out.

I’ve set hide/show signposts to F10. Works fine.

This is because your staff size is small. Make your staff size larger, and it will get smaller. :wink:

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its just the standard orchestral template…I didn’t change anything about the staves…just called up the orchestral template provided by Steinberg and started entering the notes…the sign posts are huge. I hear you that I can hide them. I wish they can be shrunk somehow, they are a severe nuisance as is.

could this perhaps be in some way related to HiDPI display?

So when I use a different template with. less staves, like the classical orchestra, which has far fewer staves…that template must have larger stave sizes…but when I use a different template with more instrument staves on it, they must be smaller in the template… Nonetheless what I can say is that somehow the signposts needs to scale along with the stave sizes, because when I have a more modern orch template with a lot of staves (which are smaller), then it still ends up that the signposts cover up entire staves and lots of notes often and just get in the way. When I work with such a score I have to zoom into 400% in order to get anything done…and just imagine how big the signposts are in that mode, they are humongous.

really the signposts ought be sized up to be a size that makes sense against the current stave sizes…

In any case I created a hot key to show/hide them which will be fine, thanks for that suggestion…still my suggestion is, scale the signposts better.

Dude, galley mode. I can’t imagine working on a large score any other way.

Obviously you have to use page for final layout, but signposts should be irrelevant by that stag.e

galley mode they are huge too. no difference…

Here is screen shot showing what I mean

Here is classical orchestra template (on left) and larger orch with more staves on the right. zoom is set so that both are approximately the right size I need to see while entering music and working on it…the larger score has to be zoomed in more…which results in humongous signposts…

Here they are both zoomed in to 400% in order to compare and you can see the signposts are exactly the same size…but relative to the staves…the one on the right is covering up staves (and in some cases could be covering up notes, etc…and basically force me to hide signposts in order to work.

The toggle is fine for now…thanks for that suggestion. My suggestion for Steinberg is to scale the signposts better according to the staves as they have been sized on the page… The smaller the staves end up, the more we will need to zoom in to work and these non-printable signposts are really only interesting when we’re zoomed in and working…so having each signpost be an inch-square is ridiculous,.

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You’be made your signposts bigger somehow. Those are easily twice the size mine are in galley mode, maybe more.

I haven’t modified anything. Follow my exact description and see if you get them that big. I have not modified anything…just loaded up larger template that came from Steinberg… Try the Romantic orchestra template. Then add some divisi splits, which adds even more staves…and scales them all down the more you add.

My Galley view looks exactly the same as page view in terms of sizing and zoom levels, etc…

Signposts are included in the “hide invisibles” key command added in 3.5, which temporarily hides all non-printing elements for as long as you hold that key. I find that to be a useful alternative/addition to hiding/showing signposts.


That doesn’t really do enough though because the sign posts often block entire bars and get in the way of editing the score when the score has enough staves that they are scaled down automatically to a size smaller then the signposts themselves. The toggle is better to just turn off the signposts and work, turn them back on if I need to see something.

But truthfully I’d rather they were just on all the time with more sensible scaling so that they don’t become super huge at higher zoom levels

I’d also prefer that engraver mode has them off while write and setup mode may have them on

One other useful trick (if you haven’t come across it already) is to Shift-Alt-click - it selects items behind other items, which works for anything but is arguably particularly useful when you want to select something behind a signpost.


No, because Engrave mode is where you work with system breaks and frame breaks…

Since most signposts are above the system, you could turn off (uncheck) just the Divisi signposts and figure that you’d be able to recognize those situation without the signposts in most cases.

They are above one stave and blocking the stave above. Not all signposts are at the top of the system, divisi changes are above each stave.

@dan_kreider, good point.

Well Anyway, I now have key command to turn them on and off. As I said already, hopefully Steinberg will fine tune the way signposts are scaled up in size with zooming, right now it makes no sense to make them super huge in higher zoom levels, and higher zoom levels are necessarily to work on large scores with lots to staves. Having to go check and uncheck the divisi signpost flag is nothing short of a PITA.

My newly acquired Keyboard Maestro toy can check the Divisi flag on and off, so that may be a nicer way to show/hide exclusively the divisi flag, while leaving all the other signposts always showing.

Looks like I could also handle this by creating a Lua macro like the following and assign a key command to that script. Probably prefer this over using KM in this case.

local app=DoApp.DoApp()

In keycommands_en.json like this:

	"context" : "kGlobal",
	"shortcuts" : [				
                  "Script.RunScript?ScriptPath=/Users/sjs/Documents/Dorico Projects/Lua/toggle_divisi_sign.lua" : [ "Ctrl+Alt+S" ]