Can you search for a plugin within a project?

It’s great to find track names in a project but often times I just want to find out where my external effects are being used, if any. Instead of scrolling through a 300 track project trying to look for eFX is there an easier way?

Best way to achieve this is to click the little magnifying glass at the top of the track list and type in a few characters of the track your looking for. It will bring up possible results. Click one and it takes you straight to the track. I use it occasionally when I find I’n scrolling looking for something and it takes me straight to what I’m after

In the Plug-in Manager under Plug-in Information.

As you can see I am here using an external Fx called “TK BC1” instances is strangely zero on the right.
In the bottom Plug-in Information window, under instances it is correctly listed Channel “EZdrummer 01” - Ins. 1

Sorry I misread… the above wont do that

Great. One more incentive to upgrade to C9. Arghh…if only I could make C9 look like C7.5 I’d be sold.

In what way? It’s pretty customisable