Can you separate modulation perameters from a recorded midi file?

hey lets say i recorded to midi 2 parameters at the same time (pitch and mod wheel) than i have one midi file with all that information on it. Is there a way to separate the two parameters from eachother? Like if i want just the pitch modulation i recorded on that file by itself without the mod wheel info

using cubase pro 9.5

Not super clear what you want to do. Do you want to just delete the mod wheel (CC1) data from the event? You can just select that in the MIDI editor and delete it (there is probably also a Logical Editor preset for deleting controller data).
Or do you want to copy the CC1 data into another event? That should be doable with cut and paste, although I’ve never tried it, so no guarantees…

There are several ways to do what you’re asking for.
What I would do, is simply copy the recorded MIDI Event, remove Pitch Bend data from one and remove Mod Wheel from the other.
You can remove the different MIDI CCs either in a MIDI Editor such as the Key Editor or List Editor, or you can use the MIDI Logical Editor.

ah i see now in the key editor at the bottom can select those parameters to edit. awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:

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