Can you set editor windows to "always on top"?


Having lots of fun slowly getting to grips with working with Cubase 6 as my main work DAW, and mainly loving a lot of the new features that have been introduced, but one thing that has always irritated me is the fact that I can’t find a way of locking the key editor window so that it remains always on top. Thus, if I click anywhere on the main arrange window (often accidentally), the key editor disappears behind and I have to re-select it from the window menu tab.

…And before Conman or anyone else tells me to read the manual, I have searched extensively through the manual as well as searched key words in the forum and knowledge base and no joy…



I’m pretty sure there’s no way to set the key edit window to always on top, but maybe the tediousness of the problem could be lessened by hitting the keyboard shortcut, cmd/alt-E by default for the editor instead of the mouse. (I’m on mac). 'course it will only work if what you are editing is still selected in the project window, but frequently it is.

And btw, Real Tasty Fruit Macaroons.

This would be an excellent feature request…All windows able to be set ‘always on top’.

There are numerouse workarounds but sometimes simply dragging something from media bay into the arrangement page makes media bay disappear. Little things like this can get annoying.


Thanks for that tip Steve, and glad it’s agreed that it would be a good feature. So excuse my ignorance, but is there a place for submitting such requests to Steinberg, or do they look at the forums?



there is a reason that some windows are not “alays on top”. When those windows should be aot, then it would be very easy to delete stuff accidentally when one of those windows would be in focus.

When working with two (or more) screens, then you have the posibility to have the MediaBay or the KeyEditor on the other screen.