Can you set it so all new tracks in a folder will be routed to the same group?

I use folders for my main elements-for example a “Drums” folder. In that folder all the tracks are routed to a “Drums” group. Is there a way to make it so new tracks that are created inside the drums folder will automatically be routed to the drums group without me having to go in to routing and change it?


I’m sorry, this is not possible.

Thanks Martin. I wonder if there is a way in the PLE or a way to set up a Macro to do this based on finding duplicate names (the Folder and Grous share the same name).

I was thinking in this direction too.

I cannot imagine PLE or Macro like this, to be honest.

PLE is lacking many obvious things. A pity you don’t find things added in each release - would be the way to go - since idea is good.

Anyway, since this is a major issue doing quick link and have all selected tracks do what you do to one track(Alt shift down while doing it) - I imagine this is larger number of tracks we talk about.

For this purpose I use track archives(only in Pro) - for multi mike recording setup with tracks, folders, busses and routings and stuff - ready to go.
Knowing this is going to be a large folder of tracks - you can have a bunch hidden and muted as a start. Like having 5 tracks archived(2 visible), and another 10 tracks(4 visible from start) etc.

So you just unhide/unmute tracks as you go.

Another Steinberg weirdness is that there isn’t anything called Save or Export track archive(there is import) - it’s just using Export selected tracks.