Can you set up a second master buss for referencing??

I want to reference while mixing but I don’t want my reference altered by my master buss. How can this be done?

for instance, route your reference track to ‘no output’, and when wanting to reference it, send it to the control room via the ‘listen bus’.

I haven’t gotten into the control room stuff yet. I’ll check that out thanks.

Do I have to create a listen buss??

you have the option to listen-enable any track(s) once the control room is active.

Alternatively, until you learn control room, route all your tracks to a group instead of the master. The group is routed to the master.

The reference would go straight to the master, and then you can just mute/solo the reference track to toggle between that and your mix.

That I know how to do…but I have tracks routed everywhere and it’s to messy. I just wanted a simple method. I’ll have to learn the control room. It’s sort of complicated but I’ll watch some youtube stuff.


Sound on Sound, April and May 2012, iirc.

Just create a master group and route everything, but your reference track, to that group.


That’s what I meant to say, if I didn’t, but he doesn’t want to -

Sorry, I didn’t read your post first.

In any case, it’s not “too messy”. All you have to do is control select all tracks that are routed to stereo out and in one click you can route them to the new master. Then just drag the plugs from the stereo out to the new master, and you’re done. I don’t see how it could be more simple, and doesn’t even require the control room, Youtube or anything complicated.


Thing is I have like 5 parallel groups and drum buses and lead busses and about 6 other busses. So I have to go through each track and see which ones are to the master and then select those. To much work right now. I was just looking for an say fix.

My track is done and I don’t want to mess anything up with the sidechaining and all that jazz. Got to send it off to the label soon.

Control Room really is perfect for this.

In my default session I have four tracks set up as ‘Reference Tracks’. They are routed to ‘No Output’ and then each one is sent to a different Cue Send. I can then use the Control Room mixer to switch between my four reference tracks (using the Cue 1, 2 , 3 and 4 buttons) and my main mix. It’s one of the great features in Cubase which I don’t see in other DAWs.

yep this is exactly what i need to learn how to set up. thanks ill be looking at how to do it when i have the time.

Just setup a CUE mix to control room