Can you still buy licenses for non-supported versions?

I’ve been using the same PC running Windows 7 and Cubase 7 for 9 years, but finally had to bite the bullet and upgrade…which is forcing me to use Windows 10 (tried to run 7 to no avail). Even though I’m 100% happy with Cubase 7 and would love to continue using it, it would not install from my old CD…so I may have no choice but to upgrade…so my question is this: I was able to download Cubase 8 from here, but if course I need an activation code. Is there still a way to legally obtain one?

Latest license can open any old version, what it’s great btw.

I did not know that, thank you!

Although seems a shame as you would be paying for Cubase 11 (or 12 if you wait) you can’t buy a licence for Cubase 8.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone selling a license for another version so I won’t be paying $600 for an obsolete program

An upgrade from C7 to C11 (with free C12 upgrade thrown in) only costs €249 at the moment. Seeing as you already have a USB e-Licenser, that would allow you to run C7, C8, C9, C10 and all current versions forever, on any computer you want, using any OS that works.

Once C12 is released, you get to run it without a USB e-Licenser on several computers that you own. The upgraded license on the USB e-Licenser will be important for you if you want to run versions older than C12. In short, IMHO, there couldn’t be a better time for you to upgrade to C11, now that we’re within the “grace period” for C12’s upcoming release.

Just my 2c.

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That’s a great point. I will definitely consider that. I’ve been out of the upgrade game for quite a while, so I will have to research that. Thank you. Might be worth it to bite that bullet while I’m in the mode! :slight_smile: As long as I don’t have to give up my FW1884 interface (which was a PAIN to get going in Windows 10) I’d be up for learning a new Cubase version.

Another thought – and perhaps someone from Steinberg might clarify or confirm this – but as I understand it, as soon as C12 is released, we’ll be left high and dry with whatever version we’ve got on our USB e-Licensers.

For instance, once C12 is released (first version without the USB e-Licenser), I don’t think it’ll be possible to upgrade e.g. a C7 license to C11. Currently, it’s only possible to upgrade to the current version, whatever that may be at the time of upgrading. It’s been stated though that a C12 license will not allow prior versions to run. That would mean, in the case of the OP with a C7 license, it won’t be possible, after the release of C12, to obtain a license that will allow e.g. C8 to run; that would only be possible if a USB e-Licenser license for C7 could be upgraded to C12, which won’t be the case, or at least, the obtained license won’t be on the USB e-Licenser, which means it can’t allow C8 (in this example) to run.

The mind boggles. I need to lie down now … :crazy_face:

My understanding is that, as the old license server will continue running for a while, updates from elicenser products to the new Steinberg licensing products will be possible.

For example, you can currently update from Dorico 2 to 4, even though the most recent previous version was 3.5.

Looks like I might have dodged a bullet. A little research, a several hour download from Steinberg, and some experimentation coupled with the miracle of Windows 10 compatibility mode, I believe I am up and running with Cubase 7…Havent made any new recordings yet but I was able to pull up my old mixes…so fingers crossed I will be able to be on my merry way…

Just consider that this will end one day! Once USB eLicenser is no longer working, no older versions can be used even if you have the latest Cubase version! It may take decades or it may be sooner, Steinberg won’t tell. 2 years are kind of granted though. All versions (guessing) which come with the new licensing model can then be used again with a newer (latest) version.