Can you trigger chord pads from a MIDI Event?

Can you put single notes into a midi event and have the event trigger chord pads? Or is there another way to trigger chord pads without an external controller?

I’d like to put a series of single midi notes into an event (for example: C, F, and G) and let them trigger chord pads as they play through a loop. Then adjust the voicing and tension as they loop through to make the progression more interesting. Similar to the Chorder midi insert, but the chord pads are a lot easier to use.

Looking at the manual, it doesn’t look like this can be set up. Anyone know of a way?

I’m sorty, you can’t use a MIDI Event. You can use external MIDI Device or Virtual Keyboard (computer keyboard).

… but that “external MIDI event” can be the return of a MIDI loopback, if you have the software for that (on Mac, it is the built-in IAC Bus, and on PC there are a few independent options)… Create your trigger notes inside a MIDI Part, and route that MIDI track to the Out of the MIDI Loopback. Use the Return of the MIDI Loopback as your Input to the record-enabled MIDI/Instrument track.

Yes, of course. On Windows, you can use for example loopMIDI from Tobias Erichsen.

Or you can use a hardware MIDI loop, too (send the MIDI data to the MIDI Output, and connect the MIDI Output directly to the MIDI Input back).

Thanks Vic! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Works great.

Just wish when I go into the key editor to move midi notes around it didn’t stop playing back the sound.

If I am understanding correctly, do you have the Key Editor’s Solo button activated?

Thanks god I found this post. Was just running into the same problem. Hitting C1 on the keyboard, chord pads playing the pattern. C1 as a midi not on the track, no chord. IAC solved this :slight_smile: On the other side, why not controlling the chord pads via the midi track. Is this just laziness in programming?