Can you use a Steinberg Cl2+ as just a hardware controller + another sound card

Hi ppl! :smile:

Can you use a Cl2+ as just a hardware controller since it has some extra buttons on top for that, and then have another USB unit as the actual sound card like a UR44?
And that ladies and gentlemen, kind of looks like a YES/NO question but this is the interwebs so …


Might be able to help if you say who the company of cl2+ is as a google search does not show anything.

Oooops! sorry about that. Corrected the header now.
It’s a Steinberg product hehe.

Looking at it and the manual I would say it would work as a controller. I think as long as the tools are installed and it’s connected it shouldn’t matter if you then choose a different asio driver in the studio setup in Cubase. Obviously you can’t use the audio side of it if you choose a new audio interface asio driver.

That is what I think but I can’t say for sure.

Nice, thanks!
Well, then it’s kind of worth trying some testing me thinks? It’s not my system but we can always just try to see what happens with a dummy project and the generic low latency ASIO driver and then see if we have contact with the Cl2+, right? I have a hard time thinking why that wouldn’t work. A Steinberg UR44 would solve a lot of bottle neck issues over there, but if the Cl2+ and the big knob on top still works it would also maybe solve some ergonomic issues if it’s used as a remote. It’s definitely worth starting at that end, no matter what happens! :sunglasses: