Can you use both NP & Halion in one Project

Apologies if this was discussed already - I searched but did not find anything.

Yes, it is possible, but with a limitation. Firstly you have to ensure you have created all the players you need in the project. Then set the playback template to NotePerformer, if it isn’t already. This will ensure that sounds get loaded for all instruments using NP. Then load any sounds that you want in HSSE.

The limitation there is that if you add more players to the project then the sounds won’t be loaded automatically. When you load a plugin manually then that puts Dorico into a ‘manual’ mode where it won’t make any other changes to your sounds (to prevent it overwriting sounds that you have loaded manually). We hope to make it simpler to combine sounds from multiple plugins in a future version.

One additional wrinkle is that due to the way it works NP introduces an approx 500ms delay

Thanks Paul - that seems to work!