Can you use control room to output one channel to both speakers?

I am busy learning the control room and I especially like the possibility to flip between mono and stereo in the “downmix presets”. When listening to a reference mix I sometimes import the stereo file into my project and I often need to listen to just one channel at a time to see where things have been panned in the stereo field. Is it possible to hear one channel come out of both my monitors using the control room? What is the easiest way to achieve this?

Yup, in the channels section you can solo each channel.

If you have your output set to mono it will solo across both monitors, leaving it to stereo will obviously play the channels as you have them panned.

There’s also an option to listen on the center channel option in the above image too, it’s the 4th icon along the bottom, you can stay in stereo mode if you use that. I’m sure someone smarter than me can explain the differences! :slight_smile: