Can you use Cubase AI 6 with v9 code?

Does anyone know if you can use Cubase AI 6 with v9 code? I purchased a UR12 and it came with Cubase AI, but my machine only supports up to v6 due to the operating system it is running (it’s a 2006 iMac). If it is possible to use my code for the old version, does anyone know how I can get a download link for v6? In my account it only has a download link to v9.5. Cheers.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, with Cubase AI 9 Activation Code/license, you can use any lower Cubase AI version. So you can use Cubase AI 6 with Cubase AI 9 license.

Thanks Mark, that’s great news! I don’t suppose you also know how to download v6? I currently only have the v9.5 download link.


I sent you the link to the Cubase AI 6 ISO via PM.