Can you Zoom two tracks?

When I’m overdubbing, say a bass gtr track against the drum loop, beat-wise I need to line the two up. Is there a way to expand the view of two tracks in C6 simultainiously? This would make the job easier. As it is, I Zoom in on the drum track and drag and drop the bass line until it sounds right. PIA.

I recall that when you first open a factory project, all the lanes are large - this is what I want. What do I have to do to restore this on occasion? Thank you anybody!!

Another thing that I cannot figure out. In the editor window there is reference to ‘selected tracks’ (tracks being plural). Well, I can left click on my mouse, circle the tracks and - there - I have now selected ‘tracks’. Is there a keyboard way to click on all the tracks you might want to group edit, rather than a mouse left click and circling? There must be a way that I am missing. Again, thank you anybody!!

I haven’t checked this, not on my Cubase machine

but you can hold CTRL

select what you like, selected tracks should all then be zoomable

Control or Shift-Select is for selecting multiple objects, depending if they’re sequential or not.

You can set the Pref Expand Selected Tracks or just size the two tracks via the bottom edge in the Project Window.

OK, that was the help I needed. Thank you both! :slight_smile: