Cancel Task Shortcut?


Is there a shortcut / key command to cancel a started rendering task? Like the Discard button in the record window, but just for cancelling rendering files. I can´t find any shortcut for this.

Also I´m trying to find a shortcut / key command to turn Ripple (in the Edit section of the montage) to None or Global. Does this key command exist? Can’t find one.




You can open the Background Task Tool Window, and cancel a task from there.

Thanks PG!

So I can’t make a custom key command to cancel a render task then? I have to press the Cancel button in the Task Tool Window?

Is it possible to make a key command to switch the Ripple mode (in edit in montage) between None and Global?


I’ve always wanted this too. My idea was to always keep it in global mode but be able to hold a modifier key to temporarily disable Ripple Mode when making an edit since I’d say, 99% of the time I’m in Global Ripple Mode.

Not a key to toggle, but there is already Shift + E / Shift T to choose either.

A key shortcut to cancel the current rendering is a good idea. I note it.