Canceling mute and stopped horn in expression maps

I am working on programming expression maps for VSL horn and trumpet. I am not really clear on what playing technique I should be selecting to cancel the mute.

In Vienna Instruments, I use the Y axis to move between muted/stopped and open (so that I can use the X axis for legato, sustained, staccato, etc. and have all those in either muted/stopped or open state).

Is “na (open)” the technique I should be choosing to get back to the unmuted/unstopped state, or is there some other technique? (In my scores I usually just write “NO MUTE” but I don’t see that as an option).

In the score, I am using the playing technique “open” (which puts a little circle over the note) to indicate the absence of a mute. Perhaps I need to do something else there?

Provided you put “open” and “mute” into the same mutual exclusion group in the expression map, either should work, but in the event you have problems using “open”, you can set the playback playing technique for the “open” text or whatever playing technique appearance you choose to use to Natural instead of Open.

Thanks Daniel - still having some trouble, even though those expressions are in the same mutual exclusion group.
Here are some pics.

First - what I am doing in the score.
Straight mute in score.png
And what this looks like in play/playing techniques lane (note that the mute does not go away when the extension line ends)
straight mute in PLAY.png
Then, when the trumpet comes in, I also have a mute off expression in the score…
Mute off in score.png
and…last pic needs its own post.

This what happens at that spot in PLAY.
straight and natural alternation in PLAY.png
Note the alternation of natural and straight mute. The natural DOES correspond to where I have the “mute off” expression, but there are no subsequent calls for straight mute, yet the playing technique goes back there multiple times.

My workaround was to take the “straight mute” expression out of my expression map, and attempt to just make that change manually. Somehow, though, it’s still not working. I set CC6 to 120 for mute on, and dragged it down to 10 for mute off, but when I watch the instrument in Vienna Instruments, the CC does not move as expected. (it moves a tiny bit, but not in accordance with the path I drew in Dorico).

Not quite sure what’s going on.

Sorry for the long delay in returning to this thread. If you’re still having problems with this issue in Dorico 3.0.10, please let us know.