Cancelling a special Time signature?

In an orchestral score, I have 6 bars of 4/4 with a fermata on bar 6. In the score all those bars show as 4/4. In the parts (where they’re not playing) however I’m getting a 2-bar multirest, then a 3-bar multirest, instead of just a full 5-bar multirest. Between the “2” & “3” is a signpost:
4/4 (q, 1+1+1+1)

This seems to be forcing these 5 bars to be split in 2 then 3. And it seems this can’t be erased ?

What could be done?

Many thanks!

We’d probably have to see the Dorico score itself–not an image-- (or at least that part of it) to see what is going on.

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A red signpost is a time signature signpost, and indicates a hidden time signature or “barline override”.

Select the barline at the position of the signpost, and press Delete.

Worth knowing that if you input e.g. a double barline, the best way to revert to a default barline is to delete the double barline rather than input a single barline - that actually goes in as another “barline override”.

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Thank-you Lillie !!