Cannot Access Groove Agent SE in 7.5 64bit

So I’ve spent about two hours now trying to figure this out(and dicking with Photobucket which is totally borked to upload these friggin’ pics) and I think something is not working correctly. Groove Agent SE 4 is not listed when I attempt to open it as an Instrument track:

I just installed the 7.5.30 Build 243 (64 bit) update tonight (as Administrator) to see what it would show it was updating. Here’s what it showed:

So that seems to imply that Groove Agent SE 4.1.0 is installed.

What is wrong here?

Please run the installer again and this time select the “Install for anyone that uses this computer (all users)” option and then tell me if Groove Agent 4 SE is still missing.

How is this accomplished? When I try tun the update again(as Administrator) it reports “There are no operations to perform. Click Back to customize the installation, or click Finish to end the installation process.” (It’s the same result whether “Install for anyone that uses this computer (all users)” is selected or not.)

Also note that when I select any of the Groove Agent SE items in the installer’s packages list it indicates that “Groove Agent SE is not installed.” i.e.:

Groove Agent SE also doesn’t appear in my list of installed Steinberg programs in Windows:

What exactly do I need to do?

Hi Sholinious,

if you don’t have Groove Agent SE installed, then you need to install it. You can’t install it with the updater, because the updater needs an already installed GASE to update it. What you need is the Cubase 7.5.0 full installer.


Hi !

I’m diging up this Topic cause I’m facing the same problem. I had Cubase 5 then I decided few weeks ago to buy the 7.5 update (and I just updated again to the 8 with the “grace update periode”).
After the instalation (7.5.0) I wasn’t able to find GASE4 so I installed the update for C7.5.30 but like Sholinious It didn’t change anything. Going for the 8 won’t change a thing neither

@ Luis Dongo : what do you mean by “get the 7.5.0 full installer” ? Isn’t it what we should get after pursaching the 5 or 6 to 7.5 update ?

Thanks for your help guys

Same here, I cannot update