Cannot activate Cubase 11 trial

I am trying to activate Cubase 11 (trial version) on my new MacBook, but every time I get to the ‘enter activation code’ section on the eLicenser Control Centre I get the following message ‘No eLicenser Selectable’, and I can’t go any further.
I am a Cubase user since version 5, and I actually have a physical usb dongle which is registered on my Steinberg account.
Unless I am missing something obvious, do I need to purchase a new license in order to run the trial version of Cubase?


Do you activate Cubase Elements or Pro 11 Trial, please?

Pro trial.

But why is your usb e-licenser not showing? Haven’t you connected it? (It would be better to erase those serial numbers when posting sensitive data of your account)

You need the usb e-licenser plugged-in for the demo to work.

Thanks for the advice! I don’t know why my eLicenser isn’t showing, it is plugged in. It isn’t clear that you need a usb dongle in order for the trial to work, just the ‘soft licenser’, is that right?

For Elements, you need a soft license. For Artist I’m not sure, but for Pro you definitely need the usb e-licenser to run the demo.


There is no Cubase Artist Trial. There are only Cubase Elements Trial and Cubase Pro Trial. Btw, for Artist, you also need USB-eLicenser.

Can you start your Cubase 5? You shouldn’t be able to start it, without the USB-eLicenser.

Cubase 5 is on my old pc, I am trying to use Cubase 11 on my new MacBook. Do I need the usb licenser in order to use the Cubase 11 trial?

Yes. You need the usb stick.


Yes, for Cubase Pro Trial, you need USB-eLicenser. Your can use the one you have already.

Ok thanks for letting me know. The usb licenser doesn’t seem to show up when plugged into my MacBook :thinking:


Probably it’s very old one (if it’s still the one, you got with Cubase 5). I would recommend to use USB 2 hub, to make sure, you plug it to USB 2 port.

Yes it is an old usb stick, but it still works ok in my old pc. The new MacBook Air M1 only has 2 thunderbolt-3 ports, but I have a genuine Apple usb2 converter which the eLicenser is plugged into. The red light is on the eLicenser, but the MacBook doesn’t recognise it.


Is the USB-eLicenser lightening, or flashing?

The red light is on constantly while it is plugged in.


OK, then the license detection doesn’t work as expected. I’m afraid you would need a new USB-eLicenser, sorry.

Ok, I thought as much. My new MacBook Air only has thunderbolt 3 ports, so I have a (genuine Apple) usb converter hub, will the usb licenser definitely work with this?


I’m using MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt connectors and reductions only. It works with no problem.

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