Cannot activate cubase 9.5 via soft e-licenser

I just purchased (download mode) Cubase 9.5 and installed it (windows 10, Intel 7, 16 GBram, etc)

I do not have a usb e-licenser key nor can I purchase one (Steinberg does not deliver them to Canada) so:

-I installed the soft e-licenser via this link from this page 3 times after uninstalling and reinstalling then rebooting. My e-licenser is registered in My Steinberg account - but showing no product licenses attached to it.

Each time I launch the soft e-license control center and enter my cubase 9.5 activation key (using Action/Enter activation code), click continue, I cannot select the soft e-licenser icon (red circle with cross bar is on top). Also, the message at the bottom of the next window states exactly (see attachment): ‘Currently, there is no elicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appropriate USB-elicenser to your computer’.

If you’ve run into this and fixed it please send your solution my way - thanks!

You cannot use Cubase Artist or Pro without USB e-licencer - only Elements version.


What Cubase 9.5 derivative did you purchase? Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro need a USB-eLicenser.

You can buy the USB key anywhere, music stores, online, amazon, USA, Timbuktu, Antarctica. :wink: