Cannot activate Cubase Elements 11 on a new computer

First of all, I’d like to complain that the installation of Cubase is unnecessarily difficult. I hope Steinberg staff reads this forum and will try to do something to simplify the procedure.

The actual problem is that I entered activation code in eLicenser, and it says that I have full license to Cubase elements 11 but when I start it, it says that no valid license was found.

What should I do in such situation?


are you really sure you installed Cubase Elements? And not Artist or Pro by mistake?

Where is your license stored? USB-eLicenser?

@grz, no, it is Cubase Elements. As far as I remember, I actually entered activation code in Steinberg Download manager, and then Cubase Elements 11 appeared in “My products” section.
Please, see the attached screenshot.

@st10ss, I have a software eLicenser. I am not allowed to add more than one screenshot per post as a new user, but eLicenser says that I have a full Cubase Elements 11.

ok, any chance that Cubase has not the sufficient rights on your system?

Did you buy Cubase 11 fresh or was it an upgrade/update?
If so, you need to upgrade your old license in your account.
Otherwise, can you make a screenshot of your licenser software?

Dear all, thank you very much for your help.

I’ve just solved the problem.
It turned out that I was reactivating a license for Cubase LE 4 mistakenly thinking that it was the correct license as Steinberg names “Cubase Elements” as “Cubase LE AI Elements”, at least in macOS.

I had to actually register the software eLicenser from my previous computer on steinberg dot net, and then I saw another license to reactivate there :slight_smile:
Not a very easy procedure :slight_smile: