Cannot activate Halion Sonic 2

As a happy Cubase user I purchased the Absolute VST Instrument Collection i december last year. Today i purchased and downloaded the upgrade to Halion Sonic 2. My problem is that when I try to activate there are “no licence available”…What is wrong ?? Have I got the wrong version ?? I have got the latest version of the eLicenser.

Hi Flesken,

Which update did you select? If you have purchased the HS1 > HS2 update, the update license is looking for the HALion Sonic 1 license, which cannot be found, since you are only having the Absolute license in your eLc.

Therefore please get in touch with Asknet, refund your update and then purchase the UPGRADE to HALion 5 from Absolute. This upgrade costs the same and you get HALion 5 as well as HALion Sonic 2 which is fully included in the HALion 5 installer and can be started with the HALion 5 license.