Cannot activate Wavelab 7

I received Wavelab Elements v7 as part of another purchase quite a while ago. I use Cubase 8, Halion 5, Groove Agent 3 so it might have been bundled with one of those - I can’t remember. I installed it on a Mac and activated it. This can be seen in my Steinberg account (below). Fast forward, Mac has been wiped many times over and I want to install Elements 7.2.1 on my PC (I downloaded this from Sternberg as I have no idea which DVD has the original on it) with the idea of upgrading to vs 8. The problem is that the serial I see for Wavelab 7 is too short to enter into my USB or soft elicensor. How can I fix this? I have contacted support here and they seem to not understand my question. Am I missing another number? Thanks very much.

You have already activated the license once, so trying that again won’t work. You need to reactivate your license - the procedure can be found here.