Cannot change audio resolution

I just purchased a Steinberg UR44C audio inferface but there’s two issues I can’t seem to figure out.

I’ve attached screenshots of these in the thread.

The first one is that I can’t seem to select 24(or 16-bit) recording in Cubase 10.5.
I can only select 32 or 64-bit float.

The second one is that the option for changing the bit/samplerate in Windows is grayed out.
I can change the Hz rate but not the bit-rate, which is stuck to 24-bit. I cannot seem to find a way
to switch it to 32-bit when I use the interface for general audio playback (i.e. not through a DAW).

What can I do to solve these issues?

first > Please learn more about Cubase(Manual) and its settings. You are in the wrong menu for setting the bitrate, that is the AudioEngine of Cubase, not your Audiointerface. The interface setting is done in the URC driver.

second is a Windows issue which I believe handles no more than 24bit.

When I used the Realtek audio chip on the motherboard I could set it to 32 bit. Strange.
Call me a bit of a newbie here, but is the Yamaha control panel and the URC driver two diferent things to tweak?

When you work in cubase, then there you make your settings in the project setup. So The bitrate is set in the software you use, not on the urc itself. The control panel are the settings for the driver.
How things are in windows is something else it does not use the Asiodriver but a wdm driver. I am not using windows audio that much, therefore no exprience with it.
On the website you can read that the urc has 32 bit converters, So that is the hardware, you cannot make that adjustment in the controlpanel, only the samplerate.