Cannot change or remove Waves plug in on master track

I have added the waves plugin to the master track and usually I can press on the e button and then chop and change Plugin and presets. But now I go on to the master track and open up the plugins by pressing the e but no matter where I press nothing happens. I can’t change it / remove so I’m stuck with that preset. Any ideas how to change it / delete it? I am on a IPad 12.8 2018 model running the lastest Cubasis update and iOS 13.7. Thanks in advance. Cosy Pete

Hi Cosy Pete,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce your Waves / Master Inserts issue.
If possible, please let us have the exact steps to reproduce the problem, and/or share a video and projects with us, if helpful (e.g. Dropbox link via PM).