Cannot change paper size in Print Mode/Graphics

Is it correct that in Print Mode and while exporting to PDF, it’s not possible to be able to change the paper size in Page Setup?

I want to export to A4 only, but the default is always set to US Letter (even though in Layout Options, Page Setup it’s set to A4). So for every part I export to PDF, I have to go into printer Destination first, change the Page Setup to A4, go back to Graphics Destination and then finally I can export to A 4 PDF.

That’s strange. Everything in my system is set up for A4 paper and that is what I have in the end : A4 pdf.
I tried to tweak things on my mac and here’s the result : if you change the paper size in Layout options, it will change the appearance of your layout, but not the paper size of the output. If you change your default paper size in your System preferences of macOS (not in Dorico) in will not change anything either. But if you change the paper size in Print mode, Printer enabled, and then change to Graphics (top right panel option), then the option retained prior to that last change will remain. Hope it helps !

When you export graphics and export a ‘Normal’ print job, you will always get a resulting graphics file that uses the same paper size as the page size defined in Layout Options for the layout you’ve exported.

Even though it’s set to US Letter? Here is how it looks like in my project:
Layout options
Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 13.00.50.png
Print Mode:

I checked the exported PDf that was set to US Letter and it is indeed the same sise as the A4 exported PDF, so that’s probably the reason why I cannot change that setting in PDF mode? But it’s a little confsuing. It would be clearer if it really would show A4.

When the Destination in Print Mode is set to Graphics, the Page Setup box beneath is bypassed (and the variable in there is greyed out) and the page size in Layout Options is the one used.

It’s perhaps confusing but it works just fine.

Given the Page Setup dropdown can only list paper sizes that my installed printer can actually print, I’m very happy with this working the way it does. I’m currently working on a project that will need to be printed on A3, from PDF, and I don’t (and don’t wish to) own a printer that can print larger than A4.

Thanks Pianoleo for the explanation about the bypassed panel. I suppose it would be clearer not to show it then.

I just came across the same confusion. The visual preview showing onscreen does to not match the resulting pdf (which exports correctly). I had one part using page size Letter in layout settings, but when about to ‘print’ to graphics (pdf), the layout showing onscreen is still A4 paper (with white margins at the top and bottom which I was trying to avoid). The resulting pdf however is correctly Letter.

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