cannot change the barline at the end to "final"

small bug/unexpected behavior:

open the project:
final bar at the very end.7z (409 KB)
in write mode: select the barline at the very end (end of 4th bar)
open the right-hand side “Bars and Barlines” panel
try to click on “Final” - no change

I managed somehow to get the “Final” one in the end by clicking on various barlines in the panel.

Hold the Alt key as you click the Final barline button in the panel, or use the popover, type final and then complete the task with Alt+Enter.
Alt applies the selected barline (or time signature, or key signature) to only the selected stave. It’s necessary here because you’ve manually removed one staff a few bars earlier.

Thank you, I’ll make a mental note of this alt+ thing.