Cannot complete verification process for Dorico 4 update

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the detailed description above. Unfortunately I am finding a blockade at each and every step.

  • I am using a 2020 MacBook Air recently updated to OSX 12.2 Monterey
  • I purchased and activated Dorico Pro v3 Edu in Sept 21 so am eligible for the Grace Period Upgrade
  • having not received an email with a code nor having Soft-eLCC grant me one in maintenance tasks I discovered a link here in the Steinberg forums which generated me a link to access v4 (not marked as Edu…perhaps that was relevant)
  • this code got me started with v4 but only on a 30 day basis. This has now expired
  • John has been trying via email to get me up and running both now and back in Sept (long story, involving Yamaha Australia). He mentioned the delay in the rollout of codes, which I am still waiting on
  • I submitted a support request and after some time Anja has also been attempting to get Soft-eLCC and SAM to transfer my license to no avail. She supplied me with an additional Download Access Code which didn’t change anything. SAM still says “no license to upgrade”
  • during this period I conducted the OSX upgrade to 12.2 because it appeared all of the Steinberg components were supported for Monterey. This has rendered Steinberg Download Assistant unable to start (“Application not responding”)
  • Soft-eLCC contains my Dorico Pro 3.5 Edu license, designated “not upgradable”. When trying to select the license to upgrade , there is a blank space in the field of upgradable elicenses
  • SAM lists Dorico Pro v4 (NOT edu) as “verification pending: online shop”
  • when using my Steinberg account via web browser and choosing “redeem download access code” (the one supplied by Anja) it tells me “redemption of Dorico Pro 4 Grace Period successful” then leads me into SAM which again cannot manage to get Soft-eLCC to release my license
  • John mentioned an updated version of SAM but looking on the Steinberg site I’ve loaded the latest one from January 2022 which has made no difference; remembering SDA won’t work on my machine
  • following your step 4 advice leads away from Steinberg and back to Yamaha Australia who, to be fair, was during a hard lockdown, took 2 months to assess and approve my Educational status on my initial Dorico process. I have no confidence in receiving any support from them on this matter
  • the 30 day trial of v4 ended on Sunday and I have projects I need to progress

Do you perhaps have a step 5 I can try?

Yes, the problem here, Gareth, is that you have been given “grace period” activation codes, but because your Dorico Pro 3.5 license was activated within the period 25 August to 20 September, your license isn’t eligible for an automatic “grace period” Download Access Code, so the two that you’ve been sent won’t work with your existing license.

I’ve asked my colleagues to remove the two “pending verification” licenses you have in your Steinberg account, and once that’s done, I’ll send you another Download Access Code that will definitely work, and you’ll be back in business.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Hello! I have problem also to verify. Two days ago I can’t verify my license. Could you help me? I have Grade Period From Dorico 3.5

You mean Dorico 3.5, right ? :wink:

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