Cannot configure Cubase Elements with my keyboard...

Hello guys,

This is my first post on here so please so easy on me!

I recently installed the demo version cubase elements on my lenovo laptop and I am finding it impossible to play my yamaha mx61 keyboard through cubase. Note that I have not had a previous version of cubase installed (I will buy the full version if I can get this demo to work!!!)

I have connected my speaker cables to my computer, and the USB cable from my keyboard to my computer.

the VST connections (input and output, stereo and mono respectively) has: audio device - yamaha steinburg USB and device port - yamaha mx49/61

Please can someone kindly assist me on how to set up correctly? I assume that this may be a basic query, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

Hm, I don’t have that keyboard, but from the yamaha website it looks like it has a built in audio interface. (and you have it correctly configured, from what you are saying)

But- you should plug your speaker cables into the keyboards audio outputs, or a set of headphones into the MX61’s headphone jack. (and leave the USB cble connected the way you have it)